About us

Anima Film started in northern Italy from the intrepid minds of Marco Businaro and Cristian Tomassini, who have been working in the videomaking sector for more than ten years, transforming their passion into a daily job.
Since then, Anima Film has created a network of professionals who work in harmony, in a meticulous and reliable way.

Here in Anima Film we are a full-fledged group, a stable of professional figures who, within a set, make it possible to create a video: directors, operators, editors, cinematographers and motion graphic designers.
In addition to being passionate and professional, we also like to joke a lot, so the excellent synergy helps us to work at our best.

We travel around Italy and Europe filming for different brands. We are equipped with a post-production studio and a pose studio, complete with all the equipment for works such as still life and interviews.

Come and visit us, we are waiting for you!
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