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We are Anima Film

Anima Film is an Italian video production agency located near Venice.For ten years we take care of developing ideas, writing stories and creating videos that tell them.

Realizziamo spot pubblicitari, giriamo corporate video e sviluppiamo motion graphics in collaborazione con aziende e agenzie del Veneto e di tutta Italia. E ogni tanto giriamo qualche film.

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What we do:

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We are professionals who have been collaborating for years, driven by passion and perfectionism. Together we create a perfect team.

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Our method

A long design process is hidden behind every video: it all starts with the ideation of the message, going through the creation of the filmic material and ending with delivery and presentation.
We work constantly at your side, collaborating with you to guarantee a shared creation of your idea.

In this stage we evaluate and decide the message, the tone and the target of the final video that will be delivered. Starting from those informations, and thanks to a close collaboration with you, we'll finall set the script and the production plan.

Here the story starts coming to life! We shoot the footage and we'll gather as much material as possible, to be sure any important moment won't be missing.

The footage is examined: we select it, cut it, stitch it up, animate it and color it... Et voila! A new film is ready to shine.

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